Let’s start with Arugula in this spinach vs arugula battle. Most people especially in French use arugula … Oxalate is one such compound. Thanks for the info! Arugula : A deep green leaf with dark green colour and deep notches ,up and down sides. Nutritious and so cheap and quick to grow yourself. Thanks Sharita for stopping by and for leaving a comment. How do you find out which search phrase is most often used to find your blog??? The flavor mellows when cooked. Without reading your blog, i got Arugula. To wrap things up, both of these leaves are good sources of lots of micronutrients. (12 Experts Explain), Expert Tips For Studying Online For College and University Students, How To Be A Better College And University Student (According To Professors), The Best Journaling Techniques To Try (According To 7 Experts), How To Wake Up Happy And In A Good Mood (Advice From 7 Experts), How To Focus On Yourself Without Being Selfish (Great Advice From 8 Experts), What To Say To Yourself In The Mirror Every Morning (Tips From 7 Experts). The scientific name for Spinach is Spinacia oleracea. Spinach is also slightly higher in protein than Arugula. I love them both so this is all good news to me. 7. As always, making sure that you are sticking a healthy and balanced diet should be your priority. But both of these salad leaves are good options to add to your diet. Spinach contains slightly more of things such as Vitamin C, Iron and Protein. Amongst other things, Arugula is rich in Potassium and Vitamin C. It has a long history of use in traditional Italian cuisine. “Kale has slightly more calcium and vitamin C than spinach,” Joe points out. Arugula has nitric oxide which is good vasodilation. Arugula is commonly used as salad leaves, either mixed with other different types of leaves, or on its own. Does Lemon or Lime Water Break Your Fast? Maybe I have but I just didn’t realize it? Directions. Oxalate is found in many leafy greens like spinach and collard greens, but on the down side, it can reduce the absorption of calcium. The leaves are tender with a crisp stem, much like raw spinach. Now it’s time to take a closer look at Arugula and Spinach to see exactly how they compare. All in all, these are two pretty good salad leaves that would be a good addition to any diet. I wrote this post a long time ago. In the South it is so much easier to grow Argula. The flavor of arugula can be described as peppery or mustardy with a hint of nuttiness. Thanks JW for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Other names for arugula are “rocket”, “garden rocket”, “eruca”, and “rocket salad”. You support us through our chosen links, which sometimes earn us an affiliate commission. Baby Spinach. Arugula’s botanical name is Eruca Sativa, and it’s an annual plant native to the Mediterranean region. , Thank you Amy for the comment! Spinach is native to central and southwest Asia, but anyone who knows about the 2006 e.coli outbreak and 2007 salmonella outbreak, knows that spinach is widely grown in the US. In the Gulf of Naples on the island of Ischia arugula is made into a liqueur known as Rucolino. It can be eaten raw, added to salads with other salad greens, or cooked.The leaves are excellent sauteed lightly in olive oil or steamed and added to pasta dishes. I also have several recipes in my book The Detox Way. I think both are great! We will use your name and email address only for the purpose of sending you email newsletters. Here at HumanWindow, we’re always looking for the best ways to improve your diet. But I won’t be cutting out arugula! In Italy, where it is commonly used, it is known as “Rucola”. The health benefits of arugula vs. spinach and other leafy green foods has a lot to do with arugula’s classification. It is inclined to fry faster than kale & collard greens, due to its tenderness. Most people wouldn’t eat kale raw, but they would eat spinach or arugula. One thing I noticed from experience working with my patients with food sensitivities, spinach can cause diarrhea for some people. Most minerals appear in approximately same amounts. Read more about what we do. Arugula vs. Other Greens. They are both high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I love both– this is very interesting and informative! Arugula’s scientific name is Eruca sativa, and it’s an annual plant native to the Mediterranean region. Thanks for the nutritional analysis’, now I know what to tell people who ask about it. Spinach contains slightly more protein and Iron, but Arugula is also a source of both. I first met arugula, Eruca sativa, when I made a spring panzanella salad several years ago.I’d never used the leafy green before, but I was hooked from the first peppery bite. Arugula leaves are longer, narrower and have curly edges making them look similar to dandelion leaves. Ah, spinach vs arugula – a question I find myself answering quite frequently and – believe it or not – one of my most sought out blog posts! They are also darker in color.

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