She, as well as the rest of the group became family. My first goal was to experience Gaudí in person. The beach of Barcelona was fantastic - only downside is an airport inspector stole my seaglass and seashells from my luggage. We've done several tours with Rick Steves and this was one of my favorites! ?? As always, we went several days early to get settled in and we found that the people were so friendly and helpful. When we were first married we lived across the street from the current office, so we were familiar with Rick Steves and I am also a Edmonds High Alum. Seeing the beauty and elegance of Gaudi's vision is indescribable, you just have to experience it.". Rick Steves Ramble down Las Ramblas, relax on Mediterranean beaches, and marvel at the sweeping curves of Gaudí's architecture with Rick Steves! We enjoyed the tour. In Barcelona it was Sagrada Familia. The cathedral, the apartment building were the main reasons I wanted to travel to Barcelona. He was funny and seemed very passionate about the topics he was talking about. I would definitely recommend these tours to everyone I know who wants to travel abroad, 7 out of 5 stars for Rick Steves! "The final dinner together and the tour of the church in Toledo were the two highlights.". A marvel of architecture and art. It's my gift to myself for my golden birthday.I could not ask for anything more. Overall, very pleased with our tour. Centrally located at Portal de l'Angel 17 it is clean, reasonable and in the heart of town. The tips about how things work in each city we visited helped us gain confidence to do more touring in our off time. Of course a lot of the enjoyment of the Royal Palace came from our guide, Fede. IT was beyond what I thought was possible. ▲▲▲ Sagrada Família Gaudí's remarkable, unfinished church — a masterpiece in progress. The main guide was was great. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. The two main cities we visited were quite different from each other, yet each was memorable and unique in its own way. ... Festa Major de Gràcia. "The famous church in Barcelona by far !". Jorge was a good guide and was very helpful when someone needed extra help, like when my daughter was sick at the beginning of the tour and we had to find a pharmacy that was still open before our first group dinner. Our tour guide Helen did a fabulous job. The food and the wine... Museum of Catalan Art was an unexpected wow. Although the tour was brief, it included impressive diversity of activities and experiences. Impressive attention to every detail. Our guide's recommendation to try a vermouth bar near the hotel in Barcelona led us to compare vermouth at each city we visited, including after the tour, which was fun (now we're learning how to make it at home). when the museums were closed in Madrid, we did day trips/tours to Toledo and Segovia! HE IS AN OUTSTANDING GUIDE. We loved our tour in Spain. The most considerate and congenial tour group I have ever been on tour with. I really enjoyed just walking and "seeing the sights" and the convenience of very good public transportation.". wonder about the people who lived there hundreds of years ago......". This should be on the 25 Truly Amazing Places To Visit. I loved being in the Old City and poking around winding ancient alley ways. He's so funny and full of information. Our RS guide and the local guides were outstanding. It still is a lumpy, bumpy building but after hearing our guide explaining Gaudi's reason for his design I have a better understanding and appreciation of his vision. "The Picasso Museum was a highlight along with the Sagrada Familia. "An unexpected "Wow" was the Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona! We went to the bull fighting pub in Madrid. Monica, our local guide, was so knowledgeable and passionate about the Basilica that she inspired us to take in every soaring spire, stained glass window, and ornate statue inside and out. I could have skipped the Royal Palace guide said better than Versailles - I would respectfully disagree, "Barcelona beach! Walking into Sagrada Familia was surreal. "I think it's nearly impossible to eclipse the Sagrada Familia, but the cathedral in Toledo came pretty close. My knowledge of the history of Spain and its people has certainly been enhanced. The tour was great! And how can I complete this review without telling you how awesome our tour guide Amanda is! If returning to Madrid, we'd definitely investigate this further. ", It surprised me by walking my way through the country really was the best way to go. This was a great tour. Booking was easy online and felt the price was reasonable. He loves his country and was anxious to show it to all of us. Once we've settled into our hotel in the heart of Madrid, we'll take a neighborhood orientation walk, ending with a tapas-style dinner together. Barcelona was magical with the Gaudi buildings--the highlights for me. It was perfect. Catalonia Portal de l'Angel Hotel. "An unending Wow moment of Spanish culture and history that unfolded in the streets and museums of Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo.". Our lead guide, James Scanlan and the local guides were all excellent. I EXPERIENCE DIFFERENT KINDS OF FOOD. 425-608-4217, from $2,695 Being actually in Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo for the very first time was incredible. "Having drinks from a rooftop above Barcelano. This was my first tour to Europe. Our "shepherding" guide Agustin was phenomenal. Awesome views, great history. We'll start today with a panoramic bus tour of Barcelona, leading to Gaudí's famed Park Güell. "We saw so many impressive cathedrals, but the Sagrada Familia was by far the most amazing. And croquetas at the wine-tasting in Madrid.". The bus system was convenient and a great way to view the beautiful architecture and parks for jet-lagged travelers. The hotel in Barcelona was excellent, but the Madrid hotel was only so-so, but not a deterrent. Barcelona and Madrid are lively cities to visit nearly year-round. Specifically, we really valued the following: English was understood and spoken where ever we went, which is not always the case in some countries in Europe.". I felt very pampered! This was my first Rick Steves tour and I was so impressed by the organization and thought that was put into the tour. The train ride from Barcelona to Madrid was a perfect mode of transportation. "Dining on pig's ears was a rare delight but walking into a room full of Stradivarius violins was a sight to behold, I could have spent the morning in that room gazing and awestruck, WOW!!!!!!". Even when the unexpected illness to another guide caused Nygil to split his time with us, he handled it professionally and made sure that all of our needs were met. ", We covered the art, architecture and history of Barcelona and Madrid. It's obvious why it is a tourist draw even though it hasn't been finished. I had a fantastic time. Especially the Sagrada Familia. Overall a very good experience. We had a wonderful tour of Barcelona and Madrid/Toledo with our tour guide Agustin C. It was our first visit to Spain and we really wanted to see the main sights of these cities. "The museums, the Bascilica designed by Gaudi, and the Spanish palace were my favorites. The walking tours in Barcelona were enjoyable and informative - I had been to Barcelona before but it was very nice to visit again and have a guide to show me around. ", "La Sagrada Familia. Yea Amanda!! One very fond memory is of our group's wine tasting. Each day brought new and exciting adventures.". First, The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. Keeping the tour group small allowed us to get to know our fellow travelers. This is a city tour but we don't spend all of our time in churches and museums: we also walk through the neighborhoods. The local and museum guides were also great. Upon arrival, we'll meet our bus for a tour of Madrid's major monuments and classy boulevards. Overall, I thought the Spain tour was wonderful; and when it is safe to do so, I would like to do the whole tour! We had a great group of very compatible people. "The day trips to Monserrat Abbey and Toledo were memorable. The quality of the light cast from the rainbow colored stained glass windows onto the light colored interior nave feels inspiring and glorious. I suggest you go to Barcelona Cathedral and from there you explore the area. We had a beautiful experience, thanks to AMANDA!!!!! The art, architecture, history and people of Spain were a daily delight and oh, the food and wine! "Its difficult to pick out any one moment, but perhaps the visit to Sagrada Familia. The Royal Palace in Madrid was spectacular and the stop on the hill with the view of Toledo was definitely up there in the "wow" moments.". She has a great personality...very genuine and easy to talk to. Great group of fellow travelers. I wish I could narrow it down but I can't. Our overall experience was fantastic. "Gaudi - Sangrada Familia & La Pedrera Excellent guide. La Sagrada Familia was thrilling to see.". Amanda was an excellent tour guide. When you leave a city you feel immersed in the culture and the city. Fantastic! Lots to see and take in and enough free time to explore and experience the cities on your own. Spain was a new travel destination for me and I so enjoyed seeing the country, for the first time. Our tour guide, Federico, was an absolute rock star. While there were some of his creations I wasn't able to see, I am very happy with what I did see as I was able to add a couple of locations early on Sunday, the day our tour started. We will certainly visit again. We were able to travel again by train when we left the tour in Barcelona and travelled to Seville. The check-in process at the hotels was simple, the tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, the food at the group meals was tasty, and the tours of the attractions were beyond anything that I expected. I was further impressed when we got home to see a front page article in the Everett Herald about his contributions to help offset the impact of his tours to global warming. I now have a desire to learn more about other areas of Spain!". Frederico is "magnifico"!!! Then we'll visit the Reina Sofía, Spain's greatest modern art museum and home of Picasso's Guernica. We saw so many interesting things, the pacing of the trip was perfect and I felt we got a good overview of the cities we visited. Rick Steves' Europe. The food was fabulous. Oh my goodness it took my breath away. I had a wonderful trip to Barcelona and Madrid. It was a fabulous way to get to know our tour partners while learning the delights of Spanish cuisine. My fifth RS tour, but the first without a lot of bus time. Casa Mila or La Pedrera is the latest civil work of Gaudi, before he concentrated in La Pedrera. "There were many "wow" moments for us. A very comprehensive overview of history, art, food and culture in Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. Having a group of only 12 was perfect.". Looking back, I'm floored by all the experiences we manage to pack into 8 short days. Both the tour and local guides were "THERE WAS NO "ONE WOW MOMENT" - TO ME IT WAS THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE AND I REALLY APPRECIATED THE VARIOUS GUIDE ARRANGED "WINE TASTING" AND OTHER FOOD VENTURES.". The events planned were fun for all. Photos don't capture the experience of being in the space, and it was well worth the effort. I was pleasantly surprised to find that both cities were pedestrian friendly with many streets designed for walking with no or little traffic. While on the RS "Best of Barcelona and Madrid" tour in February, we stayed at the Hotel Barcelona Centro. The meals were good. Accommodations were comfortable and nicely appointed. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 20,000 travelers to Europe annually. I went into this tour with limited knowledge of Spain and left with such an appreciation for the culture, food, and history. "Without question, seeing Guernica at the Reina Sofia. Instead of simply dining, we were treated to a cooking class which brought us together in small groups as we worked on individual dishes. It boils down to Javier made me feel safe at all times. There was still time in the schedule to do some of own exploring and the location of the hotels made it easy to do that on foot. I'm excited to choose our next trip in Europe. My wife and I are filling out this evaluation form for the both of us. "The glory of the Sagrada Familia fulfilled our expectations. I learned and saw so much more than I expected.

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