E-mail:  bsoe-ga@rt.ucsc.edu, Tuesday-Thursday: Graduate courses offered by other departments and approved for the core areas are not counted as ECE graduate courses. Welcome to the Align Master’s Program, designed for people ready to add computer science (CS) to their skill set—or switch to a brand new career in tech. The results of these exam sections, when integrated together, will comprehensively test the student's mastery of the curriculum. Intrigued by a Khoury College and Northeastern undergraduate education? I was fascinated by technical and societal research and realized a PhD research path is what I wanted. Events across our network of campuses enrich the educational experience. Exceptions: Bioengineering applicants with any engineering or science degree (e.g. By accepting the proposal, the faculty member becomes the thesis adviser. Certificates can be taken in addition to or in combination with a master’s degree, or provide a pathway to a master’s degree in Northeastern’s College of Engineering. Ability to present the research in a competent technical presentation; Ability to communicate with peers about the research. The PhD in Computer Science program provides students with the advanced coursework and groundbreaking research opportunities they need to contribute at the forefront of the world’s fastest-growing fields. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice prepares students for professional and research careers in criminal justice, criminology, and related fields by applying multidisciplinary and comparative social science to understand, predict, and explain crime and contribute to the development of public policy within urban communities. Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. Ph.D. Khoury College is proud of our collaborative, inclusive community. Technical expertise in at least one specific application area relevant to the research. Generally to be qualified for admissions consideration, applicants are required to hold (or be pursuing) an undergraduate engineering or technology degree in a closely related major. Project The entry requirement for admission as a Master of Engineering candidate is a good bachelor’s degree. Graduate courses offered by other departments and approved for the core areas are not counted as ECE graduate courses. At our regional campuses, located in industry and tech hubs, Khoury College offers strong academic programs in vibrant cities to live, work, and study. To fulfill this requirement, the student submits a written proposal to a faculty member, usually by the third academic quarter. complete all course requirements prior to taking the qualifying examination; clear all Incompletes from the student’s record; have an appointed Ph.D. dissertation reading committee. Graduate Certificates. At least 30 of the total 55 credits must be satisfied through ECE graduate courses. Students learn in modern classrooms, collaborative meeting rooms, and cutting-edge labs and research spaces. The university empowers undergraduates to chart their own academic path, combining experiential learning opportunities on seven continents with more than 150 undergraduate majors and concentrations, including interdisciplinary majors and major-minor combinations. Upon completion of this degree, individuals will meet the education requirements for group leader (now Early Childhood Teacher). The Early Childhood AAS is designed to prepare persons to meet the requirements for a variety of positions within early childhood programs.

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