The Arapaima is also called a pirarucu. The scales are not only tough, but they are also very flexible which helps the fish to maneuver in the water. The arapaima is a river fish that appears in late summer.It was not present in Animal Forest, but appeared in subsequent games, and it will only appear between the hours of 4pm and 9am.Its rarity attributes to its sell price of 10,000 Bells.Its shadow size is huge, and likewise it is the largest river fish. Fl… There is a concern about the introduction of these fish in non-native habitats if they outgrow an owner’s aquarium. This fish should not be kept by the amateur aquarist unless they truly know what they are getting themselves in for and have a VERY large tank/tropical pond prepared for this fish. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Piranha fish belong to the Serrasalmidae family and are related to tetras, silver dollars, and…, Arowanas, also called Dragon Fish, are unique aquatic creatures. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. The risk of disease is higher among the fish because they eat live food. The arapaima is South America’s largest freshwater fish! The fish are scarce, mainly because their wild population has been on a decline. The fish can survive in oxygen-deficient areas due to its ability to breathe. Member. The Arapaima needs to swim up to the surface to breath air. Large adults do best on a diet of extra large pellets and thawed whole fish and squid. If you are growing out the arapaima in a large tank, you can include similarly-sized aquatic fish and ensure that all of them can establish territories. Place of Origin: Amazon River Basin of South America, Typical Tank setup: A lot of open space is required if kept in an aquarium. Change 15-20% of the water every week to maintain water quality. The nests are set up in a sandy area that is around six inches deep and 20 inches wide. The arapaima is the largest of the extant air-breathing freshwater fishes. This page may contain affiliate links, which will earn us a commission. They will snatch birds from low-hanging branches thanks to their impressive jumping skills. This meat is boneless, and its popularity has made it illegal to harvest it in countries like Guyana. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 40 gallons / 560 litre initially, but in very short order they require a pond or huge aquarium (10,000 gallon / 40,000 litre) of adequate size. Required fields are marked *, Fish keeping and aquariums has been my hobby for almost 20 years. Arapaima arowans are very smooth and active species of fishes which frequently keeps turning and swimming in all the directions and hence keeps the aquarium the focus of attention. « Shrimp and Betta Fish – Can They Live Together? Populations were discovered across the Amazon River Basin, although their specific habitat is still unknown. $120.00. They construct their nests from February to April when the water levels are low. Piranha Fish – Habitat, Care, Feeding, Tank Size, Breeding, Pacu Fish – Habitat, Care, Feeding, Tank Size, Breeding. Fast Facts. They can grow up to 15 feet and can weigh about 440 pounds but most are about half that size. Aug 27, 2020. Aquarium Size: Arapaima will do fine in an aquarium with at least 80-gallons of water when small, but will eventually need to live in an aquarium with at least 250-gallons of water. They have large scales, dark barbells,…, About 67% of people in America own a pet according to a study by The…. A publish aquarium only 20 minutes drive from my house has one that live in probably 25000 Gallons tank (if I visit the aquarium again sometime this year I would write down the tank specs). Breeding techniques: Breeding is nearly impossible in an aquarium. But now they are raised for us on a famous fish farm and are found living in aquariums all over the world. In nature, This fish lives in the Amazon. Its local name, pirarucu, derives from the indigenous words for “pira” meaning “fish” and “urucum” meaning “red”. It can reach lengths of 15 feet and weigh up to 440 pounds in the wild. $45.00 shipping. Keep a temperature and pH range of 75-84 °F and 6.0-6.5, respectively. Arapaimas have different sizes depending on where they're raised: In the wilderness of the Amazon basin, they grow up to 2 meters (6 feet). Arapaima Fish – Habitat, Care, Feeding, Tank Size, Breeding The arapaima fish, also known as Paiche or Pirarucu, is one of the largest freshwater fish species in the world. The arapaima was first described in 1882 by Schinz. The large size of the Arapaima also means that its tank mates should be chosen wisely so that they do not become a meal. It can reach lengths of 15 feet and weigh up to 440 pounds in the wild. They are also pricey if you do manage to get one, but ensure that they are sustainably sourced. They are even commercially raised in S. America as a food fish. The arapaima fish thrive in wide tanks with vented canopy-type tops. Arapaima ( Arapaima gigas) Arapaima is truly a freshwater giant, reaching a length of three meters! Since you living in Asia so you would fell comfy with cm and meter measurement so have you ever see a 2 meters long Arapaima? They are torpedo-like in shape, with narrow heads and long bodies. The arapaima are notably aggressive to members of the same species and should be kept singly. Blathers will give this speech upon donation: "My, it is massive, isn't it? Literally the biggest freshwater fish in the world.> Size of about 6 inches. The head of the arapaima is copperish-green in color, their bodies are black with a white center and their tails are red. Males are also predominantly more colorful. 13 watching. The fish is a surface and middle dweller, and it demands a lot of swimming space. Not just large, but the largest river-dwelling fish in the world, it's said. Goulding documented the Arapaima's reproductive behavior in nature, at the start of the flood season, the Arapaima prepares a nest in shallow areas of stagnant water pools. A modified swim bladder that opens into its mouth functions as a lung. A massive fish needs a massive aquarium. The eggs are placed in a nest that has been built by the parents at the bottom. The fish are also obligate air breathers, and they can only stay underwater for 10 to 20 minutes. WilburTheGoldfish. Some of Freshwaters BIGGEST species inside an Aquarium eating from MY HAND!! The fish also migrates from season to season. I make 500,000 dollars a year so I can handle the costs of feeding, I really want a monster fish. The massive size of this Arapaima also suggests that its tank mates must be selected wisely so they don’t develop into a meal. They are gifted predators, which means that any smaller fish will become instant prey. The scales of the fish have proven to be exceptionally resistant to predation in the form of piranha bites. Here massive I am referring to the Arowana or a red tail catfish. The lid should be thick and/or be made tempered glass with no gaps. Most smaller Arapaimas will readily eat pellets, sticks, chunked frozen food, chunked raw fish and fillets, market shrimp, and shelled mussels. Wikipedia informs me the average specimen is 2 m long, and some specimens are more than twice that size. Aquarium Stocking. This would imply that there needs to be space between the surface of the water and any other fixture. These arapaima arowans are available for our clients at very attractive and economical range of prices at our company. Temperature: 76 – 86 Deg F / 24 – 30  Deg C. Feeding: Will eat live fish, but this is not the best diet for an Arapaima. These fibrils will deform along various angles and prevent a crack on the outer layer from growing. During the dry season, the arapaima moves to rivers and lakes and migrates to flooded forests in the wet season. The head of an Arapaima should be respected as it is is solid bone and can break a glass top, or even an aquarium, that is not strong enough. The fish likes to stalk prey on the water’s surface but it will also dive down into the water to catch aquatic animals. South America: Amazon River basin. The arapaima fish a monster freshwater species that is ideally suited for large aquariums like public zoos. Arapaimas gulp air, so if they are kept in an aquarium be sure and leave enough air space between the lid and the waters surface. Do Angelfish Need An Air Pump & Bubbles? The reproduction cycles of wild arapaima are affected by the dry and wet seasons. It will feed on amphibians, waterfowl, smaller mammals, and invertebrates. Arapaima fish are a mouth-brooding species, and they aerate the eggs because they live in oxygen-depleted regions. It needs a minimum of 1,000 gallons with a 2500-gallon aquarium being ideal. This nest is usually around 50 centimeters in diameter and 15 centimeters deep. Use a fine gravel substrate and an effective aeration system. Get the best deals on Arowana Live Aquarium Fishes when you shop the largest online selection at It is best to keep the arapaima alone. The fish are easy to catch because they frequently come up for air and take it in with a cough that can be heard by fishermen. They are quite adept at jumping so a vented canopy type top that tight fitting is suggested. Arapaima is also the oldest fish on the planet. Read more…. In addition to the arapaima and the piranha, more than 3,000 freshwater fish species can be found in the Amazon River and many more are suspected to remain undiscovered.. With its indomitable size, the arapaima was the top predator of the Amazon … 50891). These fast-gr International trade restricted (CITES II, since 1.7.75).The active fishing of this fish has reduced both the population size, and occurrence of large individuals, especially around the populated regions of the Amazon (Ref. They have been overexploited as food fishes, so are vulnerable to extinction. The outer layer is more mineralized than the bone, which makes it more resilient. Their respiratory gas bladder is arguably the most striking of all the adaptations to living in the hypoxic waters of the Amazon basin, in which dissolved oxygen can reach 0 ppm (0 mg/l) at night. If your keeping monster fish, get yourself a beast of a canister Filter. The arapaima’s tough scales give it a natural body armor strong enough to withstand attacks from a shoal of piranhas in a feeding frenzy. The ideal water hardness range is 5-12 dGH. Origin: The ancestors of our Arapaima lived in South America and were wild fish. Arapaima tanks should be equipped with large filtration systems that can keep up with the bio-load of the fish. Finding full-grown arapaima in the wild has become tasking for biologists. Juveniles can initially be kept in a large aquarium, but only a large pond will suffice for even a moderately sized adult. ».
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