Whenever you put a lighter white next to a darker one you will start to see the undertones more of the wall colour. Oil based gloss does discolour and go yellow over time as the oil content comes to the surface causing the discolouration. Will the skirting on the fourth wall look ok a different colour to the other three skirting boards? So will redo the architraves etc in 1/2 strength and then continue rest of house. This is the perfect example of a linking white trim with a soft neutral on the walls and black window and door frames – I think this combination, highlighting these beautiful windows, is terrific. Paint will be better on the door and you may need enamel for the radiator. I'd like to achieve a good job in a fairly quick time without wasting £££'s on Sand Paper. Sue, Hi Samantha, I have 60s house with Tas Oak wooden floors throughout, internal walls are freshly painted dulux duck white. Can I paint my doors grey and architraving white? Thanks a lot for this amazing blog!! The hard-wearing gloss finish makes it a perfect choice for skirting boards in a family home where there is a lot of foot traffic and protection is a concern. Ironstone is a nice warm blue grey and certainly a stronger colour than Basalt. Are we living In the past & do we need to update? We have put oak coloured laminate flooring down (throws slight grey tones). Choose your brush. The reason for matt finishes on ceilings is because they reflect the least light and therefore don’t show minor imperfections so my recommendation is to keep it the same. I would be tempted to paint the skirting boards and trim around doors (white to match walls - but satin) only, and leave the window frames alone. Painting Skirting Boards With Emulsion Most of the time, you'll be told that eggshell, satin or gloss paint will be the best paint for skirting boards. I have always used gloss paint for interior doors, skirting and door frames, I am now painting woodwork on hall, stairs and landing using satin finish as my wood is not in good condition but I am not liking it as it looks like the undercoat. Ruby, Hi Ruby I think I would match the window architraves to the white of your doors and skirting boards so that it doesn’t make a feature of the upvc windows. Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration. Required fields are marked *, Hi and welcome to Making your HOME beautiful. … Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. It's good for use within areas that have above average foot traffic as it is more durable than emulsion and is easily maintained and kept clean. Good luck! Possibly just freshen up the trims and internal doors with a lighter tone of the cream so more of a warm off white to give the house a lift? If you're aiming for a modern and contemporary interior, this would be a much better choice as opposed to gloss due to a matt finish complementing bold colours. Samantha, Hi Samantha, this is a really helpful site. The house is fairly dark & doesn’t get much sunlight. if I choose an oak style of door. We would recommend using Earthborn Eggshell No.17 on interior woodwork. Cheers, John. These water based paints are getting better as the … The store should have the recipe for the paint and a good technician should be able to help you to make it just a touch darker if you feel you need more contrast. Most suitable when combined with light matt walls, gloss finish paint is great for traditional skirting board profiles, as it creates a glamorous glass-like look. Can someone help please? It boils down to gloss, satin and eggshell skirting board paint finishes. What helps to make it work though is that I have one trim colour for my skirting boards and architraves that I take throughout the house. Also how long will it take to strip one door frame? Also black stamped concrete driveway. : ) Like; Save; PRO. What do you think? The painted wall will also have skirting board, do i paint that in a white or perhaps 1/4 strength Milton Moon? Pete is my builder answered the question "What is the best paint to use for skirting boards?" In these instances to avoid mission creep and not be outdated, I often recommend that you restore the doors and leave these as timber and just paint the skirtings and architraves to match the wall colour. We have decorative cornice around the ceiling edges. With a tough and durable formula for busy areas, we have a wide range of colours from traditional white gloss skirting board paint, to eggshell or satinwood finishes. I did test the 1/2 strength and there was an immediate noticeable improvement. Now need to finish painting so we can move on to next stage. Ive got a circular orbital sander which is good on flat surfaces but no good for the skirting boards, and ive got a flat orbital sander that has done a fairly decent job on the skirting boards and door frames. Although, it ultimately depends on the style of skirting too as a flat bull nose has nowhere to trap dirt and dust, but something with a routed inset is much harder to keep clean. I always recommend painting a large board with two coats of your chosen colour and then move it around the house, viewing in daylight and at night time with artificial light. Thanks Samantha. A very simple way to d, I love to use Axon panelling for projects. Thank you for this post, I really enjoyed reading it. One thing to remember when using gloss paint is to choose a water based gloss rather than oil based. I have timber doors and windows on a 1940s semi. Sat - Sun: Closed. I have some guidelines and tips to help you to decide the right colour for your look. This keeps things really simple and ensures that the kitchen cabinets and the skirting boards and architraves will both work with the wall colour. Wattyl Smoke Pearl is a lovely warm neutral so you will need a warm white to go with it. Available in the same colour range as our Claypaint and Lifestyle Emulsion , it offers a durable, wipeable surface that’s especially suited to skirting boards, architraves, doors and interior wood trims. I have a 20 year old federation style house with big verandah out front with lots of timber work. I want to change the burgundy to a new colour, I will replace guttering for new as I don’t like repainted. It is really important if you have different wall colours in different rooms to find a connecting trim colour so it might be better to rethink your dark hallway trim? For example a darker, south facing room without much natural light may benefit from quite a different tone to a bright sun-drenched north west facing room. We are painting the architraves, skirts and doors in the whole house in very dark blue/black. The door colour doesn’t have to match the architraves and skirting boards. There are simply far too many sanders available these days - orbital, mouse, 1/2, detail etc but what is the best sander for skirting boards and door frames? Hi Erin I think that you may notice the underlying beige colour in the doors and trim more if you paint the walls white than if you just leave it be. Just purchased a large victorian house and the internal paint work on doors, door frames, skirting boards etc is very poor with many layers of old paint. Very much appreciate your experience and thoughts. Even if your walls are a soft grey, by painting your doors the same colour you maintain a calm, serene environment that has a good flow. I’m really stuck on this & inside is very Hampton’s in warm tones, no greys. I am imagining that if you paint it on the wall too the strong contrast will exaggerate the slant of your white ceiling and really draw attention to that. We need to know the correct way … The glossier you go, the easier it is to clean and will be more durable. Login to check your balance or redeem rewards. My teenage kids complain the house is old. Contemporary decorating generally sees us painting our skirting boards and architraves a white as in the image below. Thank you in anticipation, Hi Sue I would be hesitant about having oak doors with teak trim and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that you introduce white architraves with oak door and teak skirting boards as there will be no flow to the scheme. The home has pine floorboards with matching wood architraves, skirting and doors. Dries in 1 to 2 hours. Thank you for your reply. However, they can take a long time to apply well and to dry, and they don’t allow the wood to breathe. My Question is: it’s a 2 story house… what are your thoughts on leaving the trim and doors etc beige royal quater and just painting the walls in dulux natural white? Hope this is helpful Samantha. Are natural wood grain architraves and skirting boards still ‘in’ or should I be painting them? Usually you would also use the chosen colour for your skirting boards and architraves on the internal doors – unless you have beautiful timber doors which you want to keep – and you can also link it to other accent areas like shelving, bookcases and kitchen cabinets. Our house has light cream walls, doors and trim the same colour. Would love white but its does my head in seeing white trim and beige window frames… We are painting a house prob built in the 80’s that is reasonably lit in kitchen dining but isn’t overly well lit in lounge areas. Preparing Skirting Boards for Painting. I'm often asked what colour downpipes should be. I eagerly await your next post. If it is best to strip back to the wood its a massive job - any quickish good ways of doing it? White Knight has a product to paint tiles which will come in a white. Hope this helps – but remember it is difficult to go back! A superb wood stain for skirting boards – it comes in 8 natural shades and offers up to 5 years of protection. Thanks Samatha. Now that’s done you can begin removing your handles and anything outstanding such as coat hooks. We currently love the crisp white of the door frames and skirts, but I’m worried that the cream is too pale to create a palatable contrast between it and a white gloss.

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