Cowal Highland Gathering first took place in 1894 and has been held every year since, taking place during the last weekend in August, the only time there has ever been a break was during World War II. To make the judging easier the number of highland dances performed competitively has been cut down to only four, when once there were a huge variation performed, meaning that sadly many dances have been lost and forgotten about over the years. [8] The Games also featured in early BBC television broadcasts. While the origins of human games and sports predate recorded history, this particular tradition began in 1894 with less than 2,000 spectators. FÊTES DE CLANS. [3], 1906 saw the introduction of a pipe band competition for Army bands, at the suggestion of Malcolm McCulloch. Cowal Highland Gathering - traditional Scottish sporting and folklore event. By 1901, attendances reached 5,000, and the first overseas competitor, an American athlete, took part.. 1906 saw the introduction of a pipe band competition. The first record of an organised Highland games in the town is in 1871, the same year as the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban started. [9], Following discussions between the Gathering Committee and the RSPBA, it was decided that after 2013 Cowal would lose its status as a major competition due to difficulties accommodating the number of bands. British Pathé. Today we have an essay from reader Ian Forbes who looks back with … Pipe bands parading at the highland gathering, when the kilted clans men invaded Ranelegh club, advanced to compete in the first Highland gathering held in London for many years. Women only started performing Highland Dancing in the early 20th Century during the First World War, as the women wanted to keep the traditions and culture alive while the men were away at war. The Braemar Gathering is often thought to be the best known games and traces its origins in the games held by King Malcolm III. An item showing the Cowal Gathering at Dunoon in Scotland with dancing and games. Cowal Highland Gathering is much more than just a Highland Games. In terms of solo competition John has been a successful competitor on the annual highland games circuit from a young age, winning many awards over the years and in 2012 was runner-up in Highland Society of London's Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering, one of solo piping's most prestigious competitions. The shot put is done with both a standard 16 pounds (7.3 kg) shot and with the naturally formed 34 pounds (15 kg) Cowal Stone. Since then, the gender roles have slowly shifted resulting in a female led sport. As mentioned earlier, Highland Dancing was first performed by only men but today competitions are made up by 95% females. It is every dancers dream to win a Gold Medal at the games. History; Pipe Bands; Letters Archive; Links; Remembering the Glory Days Among the Bands at Cowal Highland Gathering. In subsequent years games were held at New Year. Cowal Highland Gathering 2018 will take place on the 26th - 28th August 2021. Even after the law was reverted the Scots didn't pick up where they had left off with their culture straight away. Tickets already purchased for this year’s event will be valid for 2021. There really is something for everyone, from watching the world championship competitions to running in the 5K fun run. 29 September 1937. [6][7], The easy access of Dunoon by paddle steamer from Glasgow contributed to popularity of the Games. However, in 1746 an act was passed by the government in London which made wearing kilts and carrying weapons illegal, this made the traditional sword dance completely out of the question and put an end to most Scottish traditions and as was their goal, really dampened the patriotic spirit. Although most of the traditional factors of the dancing remains, there are a few modern twists entwined in the competitions. [13], The Games features a variety of traditional Highland games events, including the shot put, caber toss, weight throw and hammer throw, as part of an international competition.